Our ultra light leave in moisturizer is fast-absorbing and laden with plant based super ingredients such as aloe vera, vitamin E, and  vegetable glycerin. These ingredients nourish your hair to prevent dryness, breakage, and hair loss due to lack of hydration. This hair milk not only smells oh so good, but detangles, softens, and can be used as a tool for many of your day to day styles such as:

1. Detangling after shampooing and conditioning

2. Refreshing curly and straight do's

3. Smoothing away frizz to achieve sleek ponytails, buns, and other updo's. 

4. Can also be used on protective styles, weave, and wig maintenance, beards, children's hairstyles, locs, cornrows, wash and go styles and more.  

*This product is made with lightweight, water based, uber hydrating ingredents. It complements the following hair types:

Straight Hair

Wavy Hair

Curly Hair

Coily Hair

As well as low, normal and high porosity hair.

Great for low, medium, or high density hair.