Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use oooGurl Beauty products? 

Healthy hair is a universal desire. oooGurl Beauty can be used by women and men regardless of skin color. Our specialty is textured and chemically processed hair ranging from straight to coily. 

Our Knot Likely Leave-in Moisturizer is great for all hair types. 

Our Seal it Up Hair Oil is great to use as a hot oil treatment, can be used in a conditioner to deeply penetrate your hair to infuse hair with hydration and combat dryness. 

The Lady Mae's Moisturizing Cream is a rich hair cream for coily, kinky textures that need intense moisture using oils and butters as the main ingredients. This product lessens shedding, breakage, dandruff, and scalp irritation, while increasing blood circulation to the scalp.

What is textured hair? 

Hair that is not straight but contain bends and waves,  in the form of curls, coils, waves, kinks, spirals, and hair that is loc'd. 

Is oooGurl Beauty black owned? 

Yes, oooGurl Beauty is owned and founded by Melissa Cook, an African American woman. 

Are oooGurl Beauty products hand made?

When oooGurl Beauty first launched in January 2021, the products were homemad; however, thanks to increased capital, our products are now manufactured, packaged, and distributed commercially in the United States. 

How long does it take until I start to see results? 

The average growth rate for hair is up to half an inch a month or six inches within a year. Patience and consistency is key when beginning your healthy hair journey. Please keep this is mind when using any hair product. Every one's results will be different. By treating your hair with gentleness and using the appropriate styling tools, you can retain your length and see the results of your labor be enjoying  stronger, healthier hair. 




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