Our Story

 Ooogurl Beauty was founded by Melissa Cook, a mom and poet lover with Southern charm and a girl next door personality. After years of struggling to keep her thick, coily, hair moisturized, she took to  good ol “Youtube University” and her kitchen to begin mixing ingredients such as Shea Butter and Aloe Vera juice together, aching to find an answer to the daily breakage, frustration, and dryness she faced when combing her hair. After several failed attempts, partnering with a chemist was the huge change that made all the difference.
In January 2019, Melissa shaved off all her hair and put her products to the test. In January 2021, OooGurl Beauty was born, and Melissa also debuted her perfectly moisturized, healthy and strong back-length hair to the world. OooGurl Beauty is a love song to hair that is in desperate need of quality products that keep your hair healthy. Thank you for your support. We can’t wait to hear you share your results with us.
For PR inquiries and collaboration, please email us at info@ooogurl.store.