Gro Grease was formulated exclusively for our type 4 coilies with high density, low porosity or high porosity hair who struggle with moisture retention. Water alone will not keep our hair moisturized. It evaporates into the air too quickly, leaving our hair dry and prone to breakage.

Like our skin, our hair also needs protection against the elements of sun, dirt, debris, and dryness caused by our environment. By incorporating a hydrating leave in moisturizer like our Knot Likely Leave in Moisturizer and Gro Grease, you are creating a barrier to slow the escape of moisture to keep your hair soft, conditioned, and healthy. Our cream helps to seal all the good stuff in. 

Recommended for type 4, low and high porosity hair with high density. If you have fine, thin hair, this grease may be too rich for you and may weigh the hair down.