Meet the Founder

Hair and Accessories are My Thing. I love seeing women and men wearing their hair in various styles: afros, locs, cornrows, rocking bold colors, textures, and lengths. Up until a few years ago, I hated my hair! I was NOT happy to be nappy! Realizing this, it didn't sit right with me. How could I hate the hair I was born with to the point that it was covered up in weaves or wigs all the time!? I was really troubled and determined to master my thick, low porosity, 4b hair. So...I did a thing in January 2019. I cut all my hair off except two inches at the top. Little did I know, I was drafting the blueprint to my hair care brand oooGurl.

oooGurl isn't about promising the perfect ringlet curls, or guaranteeing your hair grows five inches in 3 months, because each of us are not the same, so I our hair won't grow at the same rate either. This brand promotes the usage of plant-based, products backed with education to help you on your healthy hair journey to achieve and sustain your best head of hair. No gimmicks, and no punch lines.


All these products were formulated with with patience, trial and error, and a few ugly cries here and there. I hope you will enjoy this brand, and shout it to the rooftops, because oooGurl, your hair is your glory! You deserve for it to thrive.

Love your Curlfriend,