Formerly named, Ok Sis Growth Oil. this multi use oil complements the hair and body. Made with shea butter and seven different nutrient-rich, penetrative oils that bind to each strand to seal and lock in moisture. Because our oil is lightweight, it complements 2a to 4c hair types. It can be used as an hot oil tream, paired with conditioner as a pre-poo treatment, applied to your scalp and massaged in, and dispersed through your hair to lock in moisture.

Please remember, oils seal in moisture! We do not recommend applying this oil to dry hair or scalp because you would be sealing in dryness! Apply after hydrating your hair first.

Add our oil post shower or bath to the the body or layer with your perfumes or colognes for a long lasting scent. Either way, don't be surprised if they ask, oooGurl, what are you wearing?