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In Too Deep Conditioner

In Too Deep Conditioner

Once you open up the jar,  there's no turning back! Let the self-care begin with quality ingredients that quench, restore, and nourish your hair. 

This blend of natural ingredients was designed to rejuvenate and revitalize your coils, curls, kinks, waves, chemically treated hair, and locs. No one is excluded from getting moisturized!  Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to nourishing, luxurious care.

Our quality ingredients and benefits include:

  1. Organic Hemp Oil: Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, organic hemp oil nourishes the scalp and hair follicles, promoting healthy hair growth and reducing scalp inflammation. It also helps to strengthen hair strands, preventing breakage and split ends.

  2. Organic Jojoba Oil: Similar in composition to the natural oils produced by our scalp, organic jojoba oil deeply moisturizes hair without leaving it greasy or weighed down. It helps to balance the scalp's natural oil production, making it an excellent choice for all hair types, especially those prone to dryness or excess oiliness.

  3. Organic Sunflower Oil: Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, organic sunflower oil helps to nourish and protect the hair from environmental damage, such as UV rays and pollution. It also contains moisturizing properties that help to keep hair soft, smooth, and manageable.

  4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Known for its emollient properties, extra virgin olive oil deeply conditions and hydrates the hair, leaving it shiny and lustrous. It helps to repair damage caused by heat styling and chemical treatments, while also preventing moisture loss and frizz.

  5. Grapeseed Oil: Lightweight and non-greasy, grapeseed oil is easily absorbed by the hair, delivering essential nutrients and antioxidants deep into the hair shaft. It helps to strengthen hair from within, while also providing protection against environmental stressors and free radicals.

  6. Pure d'Alpha Vitamin E Oil: Vitamin E is renowned for its antioxidant properties, which help to protect the hair and scalp from damage caused by free radicals. It also promotes blood circulation to the scalp, supporting healthy hair growth and reducing the risk of hair loss. Additionally, vitamin E oil helps to seal in moisture, keeping hair hydrated and preventing dryness and breakage.

Together, these exceptional ingredients work synergistically to provide your hair with the nourishment and care it needs to thrive. Experience the best mother nature has to offer with In Too Deep Conditioner. 


Take a generous amount of the deep conditioner and apply it evenly  or in sections throughout your damp hair, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends where hair tends to be drier. Use your fingers, wide-tooth comb, or detangling brush to ensure the conditioner is evenly distributed and coats each strand.

  1. Detangle: If your hair is prone to tangling, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to gently detangle your hair while the conditioner is applied. Start from the ends and work your way up to the roots, being careful not to pull or tug on your hair.

  2. Massage and Distribute: Once the conditioner is evenly distributed, gently massage your scalp with your fingertips to stimulate blood flow and promote healthy hair growth. Pay special attention to any areas that may be dry or flaky.

  3. Heat Activation (Optional): For an extra boost of hydration, you can use a hair steamer, a warm towel, or a shower cap to trap heat and help the conditioner penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. Leave the conditioner on for up to 30 minutes. 

  4. Rinse: After allowing the conditioner to penetrate for the desired time, rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Make sure to rinse well.

  5. Final Rinse with Cold Water (Optional): For added shine and to help seal the hair cuticle, you can do a final rinse with cold water. This helps to lock in moisture and smooth the hair's outer layer, resulting in softer, more manageable hair.

  6. Towel Dry: Gently blot your hair with a soft, microfiber towel to remove excess water. Avoid rubbing or twisting your hair, as this can cause breakage and frizz.

  7. Style as Desired: Follow up with your favorite leave-in conditioner, styling products, or oils to lock in moisture and define your curls. Allow your hair to air dry or use a diffuser on a low heat setting to style your hair without causing damage.

Packaging - 12 ounce jar

Expiration - 4/2025

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